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Launched in 2012, I have created this site to be a safe place for you to come and be encouraged. I know deep pain in both the physical and emotional sense, and I’m here to say that neither has to keep us in a stronghold for life. The stories that you will find here are centered around chronic pain, mental health, and faith. I write from my heart in the hope you will find encouragement in whatever season you are in.

a little about savannah

I reside in Weatherford, TX and I’m a special education teacher who’s always had a deep passion for helping children and adults with disabilities. I’m a homebody who also enjoys the outdoors. I love throwin’ on my cozy sweats and watching documentaries, yet also enjoy strappin’ on my boots and heading outdoors to work on some DIY projects. I love writing narrative nonfiction stories, feeling warm grass between my toes, cleaning & organizing (yes, I’m like Monica from the show Friends), and doing life with a kind heart, wise mind, and a whole lotta love for God’s people. I think laughter is the best medicine—although a little wine never hurt anyone either. I love memory keeping, taking tons of photographs, DIY creating, and spending good times with my fam + besties.

my diagnosis journey

I was diagnosed with Devic’s disease (often confused with MS); a rare disease that causes blindness and or paralyzation, and caused me to become half-blind in 2019. I’m on a treatment plan for a chemotherapy drug through IV infusions biweekly for life. In 2022, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis in both of my shoulders, leading to shoulder surgery. My war with chronic illness definitely affected my overall mental health, which you can also find stories on here as well.

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    1. I’m going through a family situation, and when I read, “Let it Fall. . .Perfect is the teardrop when it belongs to God.”
      I just started to cry. . .it really spoke to me and I’m letting it all out to the Lord. I know God is carrying my tears.
      Thank you so much Darla.

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      1. He is carrying your tears. He really is. (Psalm 56:8)

        I wrote the poem for a friend who lost her sister-in-law in a head-on collision on a rainy morning. A young man in the other car was killed, too. It’s been a tough time for that family. I hope your time soon turns from tears to joy.


        1. Oh my heart is heavy for them. . .I am saying a special prayer for them tonight.
          Have a good night, and thank you for your kind remarks.
          In Him,


  1. As I was reading this I clicked on the link to your sister’s blog to find out that I already subscribe to her’s as well! How funny that I am now following the both of you. God bless you!

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